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This changes how many frames pass before adding the next number in the sequence. Higher value = slower

What is this??

A cool visualisation of the recaman sequence. It draws arcs alternatingly above and below the number line from the previous number in the sequence to the next. Inspired by Numberphile - see below.

What's the recaman sequence, then?

The sequence starts at 0. To get the second number, I try to subract 1. To get the third, I try to subtract 2, and for the fourth, I try to subtract 3, etc. The catch is that if by doing that, I land on a number which I've already seen, or one which is negative, I increment by that number instead.

That was a horrible explanation!! Where can I find a better one?

On numberphile.

Where can I find the source code?

Here!... But the code was written very badly, since I learnt javascript at the same time as writing this! Also no comments. Any contributions welcome :)